Monday, August 18, 2008

the Fighters' History. (1 of ?)

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(must every day be a struggle?

{apparently so.})


ninpou: ***kaminari no hikisaku koto no 400 mai no ha***



this is a web↕site of which i was a member, up until a little after the beginning of this year; my membership there, actually, was terminated by Greg (the web↕master) when i complained about what i saw happen with the last "main picture" i uploaded submitted for upload to my profile at his site — someone having cropped it in a way i felt was not only unnecessary but also [relatively-]excessive and, somewhat, malicious.

it took me a few failed log-in attempts to realize what had happened; Gregory, otherwise, had not given even a minimum of response to that e-mail i sent: my unceremonious severance was executed with the merest of Caprices, as far as i can tell.


seemingly, this individual has a history of not making the best of decisions, regarding Customer Relations: seemingly, this individual has a history of pissing people off.

i [was] pissed off by Greg; and i had been meaning to write about that muther↕fucker for months.

i wish him nothing but failure and [continued] misery — for all the people who persist in maintaining their own memberships at his faulty-ass site in spite of knowing what he does to innocent folk, but don't otherwise give a rat's ass about these injustices simply because it's "not me":

y'all suck, too ── that's one of the principle mentalities which has this world in the state it's in, now.

you, who also are fuckers who evince the quality of Profound Douchicity.()


it's been proclaimed that Greg has shown prejudice against non-whites and against other fellows whom he feels does not fit into his archetype of [a true member of the] Bear [Community], sometimes; i, personally, am inclined to believe those allegations.

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

quintessentially, it would be a bunch of bull, from the person who would deign try to convince me that no sort or form of willful discrimination is going into it, when he says, flat-out, he feels no sexual attraction for every of a given ethnicity — especially-more-so, when he says he ... prefers to mingle only with "[his own kind]": there is no way you can summarily dismiss entire groups of people without your having a sinister[, underlying] reason thereöf.

a bias.

a[n {unfounded}] fear.

a prejudice.



i be seeing beautiful muther↕fuckers almost every day — whether i want to, or not; heart-breakingly attractive, i don't, supersequently, even devote time to thinking something silly as oh, but, he's XYZ-ethnicity, so it would, almost certainly, sully me and my reputation if i make it with him.

search within yourselves, Dear reader, and ask Your Subconscience + You why you pick the sexual partners that you do do you base your Decisions of Interest & Pursuit more on the colour of that guy's skin or on the merits of his character?

or, truly, it is that you simply cannot find the flesh of [a specific] ethnicity appealing?

(human sexuality being a complex entity, it is more-than-extremely possible that one's biochemical make-up might prohibit him from "feeling that way", for the most part.)


ironically, it was Chris Crocker who introduced me to Alexyss K. Tylor, months ago; now, i want you-all to bear in mind, almost "everything" she says i already know; never-the-less, that woman, at the very least, is always good for a hoot — the things that come from out of Alexyss's mouth..

..even my jaw drops, to hear them: do you know how profane i can be?(♫)


saturday: perhaps a rather pivotal day for me?

(perhaps not.)

i had, certainly, done a bit of shopping, that day — acquiring several articles for [My] Bed↕Room, including: [2] pillows, curtains, sheets.

the most important thing is, i've since realized what my taste in Colours, for that sort of thing, is: [it would appear, ]i am definitely interested only in Solids, or near-Solids; anything past a few stripes might very well be intolerable, for I.


also, i went and, from Radio Shack, bought an Antenna for my converter: let me give her a try, now, to see if it does, in fact, work:

. . . . .


this is bullshit!

oh my lord, but, i truly had thought i would never have to fuck with Rabbit Ears™ life having, once again, thrown me an Irony Curve↕Ball thence, of course.



so my old, 2000-era TV can pick up some channels, in conjunction with The Converter, now; CBSNBC, apparently, wants to be the one that slips away from me.

the one channel i want, profoundly.

but i'm still interested in those other broadcast stations, too: PBS, et al., e.g.


[most of] the lyrics leave "something to be desired"; otherwise, i am really addicted to young jeezy's Put On; most of you who also have already given this a listen might be asking, what in the fuck, exactly, is this nigger "putting on"?

i think i know: he puts on the Black and Silver he had mentioned in the official video-version of this song.

(those colours being of the new version of the "united" states flag which was said to be showing up in certain locales, thence.)


i hate having to say this, but..
..did you know, actually, i had thought that was Lil' Wayne singing after mr. jeezy?

(i coulda sworn it was that mother↕fucker!)

i ... had never heard mr. west using such a vocal pattern before; ´sounded just like lil' weezy, to me!!

not to speak of the surprise i experienced when i had finally seen, on You↕Tube, that video i spake of; at any rate, although Young Jeez, basically, was up on some young-.. ..-ass shit, singing about what he had... ears, certainly, felt less offended in listening to Kanye's part!!

(i am especially enchanted with the clean version, of course.)

he, even having the moxie to make a reference to one of his own previous songs, while up in jeez's shit.





..a lot of people had, lately, been coming to my blog looking, apparently, for pictures of Philip Anthony-Rodriguez.

(and, ´sequently, going away rather disappointed.)

what has he been up to, lately, to garner such attention, anyway?


also, i've seen that a good number of you have been coming here from that link i have in my you↕tube profile..
..but, these past several weeks, none of you bastards have even taken an effort to *cast a vote* in those polls i had specifically mentioned at that site.

what's up with that?

is your laziness that pervasive?


(♫) (aye: and you probably hadn't even borne witness to a quarter of my potential foulness, either.)

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