Sunday, December 16, 2007

don't worry.

i got lots to say.

i feel like i just gotta fire on someone's ass.

because i'm not getting any ass..
..and people have been acting like jack↕asses.



it's just, at the moment, i don't fuckin' feel like committing to anything — i guess my last few entries took a lot more from out of me than i had originally given Them credit for.
additionally.. ..well. . . . .your DEAR FRIEND, AND HUMBLE N'RATOR, has not gotten "any" since septemer.

(´since fuckin' september.

and that "some" from September came from a dude who refused to believe me when i told him he did an inadequate job of washing his ass.


so, my Faith is beginning to get shaken to its core — i try to be an individual who doesn't all-across-the-board discriminate against any particular: ethnicity, age, weight ── i be discriminating on case-by-case bases, solely on Looks ─── but apparently that isn't good enough for these fuckin' fags.

(♫) (6-part, singulaire/vulgaire-word combo: +2,117 Kudos bonus points; +33 Style Points)

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