Friday, August 19, 2011

no, i'm not dead.

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not even close.

merely, i figured it would be a shame if i didn't post something for the year of 2011, in my insignificant little Web Logue.

´to let you-all know i am still around.

which i am.

i am sure you'll be happy to know i've earned $1.65 (US) to date, here.

(i look forward to getting The Cheque in the mail.


at any rate, i think that what i need to make happen is investing in a new desktop computer, for m'self — thence, i can begin the process of converting all my hand-writ journals to that coveted Electronic Formatte: something i'd been meaning to do for years, now.

on my humble, 3GB RAM/2 x 2.0GHz laptop..
..well, let's just say there's not enough Cocaine in the world, that would make me presume that i may successfully attempt what is going to be a long, arduous (albeït very hilarious — me being the youthful, subversive cut•up that i was) process on this thing.


let me go eat my Pasta-and-Rice dinner, here — it's pretty good..
..i just wish there was also Pilaf interspersed through here.
but neither of these two particular, ready-made mixes, didn't contain it — so i shall just have to do without, at this time.


incidentally, i think i know a part of the secret of recreating uncle ben's old-favourite Chicken-Stock Rice w/Shells, now — it will involve rice-a-roni's chicken broccoli rice and four-cheese rice..
..some additional chicken stock. . . . .and Shells.

of course.

i look forward to giving that a whirl, some time.

´wish me luck, y'all.

and i'll chat you in a few months or so.

(p.s. — be kind to your Merchandise Stockers: or we will murder you.


♥ ♥)

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