Thursday, July 31, 2008

Marijuana, and you:

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one other thing over which i feel ambivalence.

where to begin?


(i need to begin, carefully: because, honestly, i don't really think about any other type of user, here, besides the one who intakes the Tetrahydrocannabinol in smoke-form ▬ although people who utilize other techniques aren't necessarily escaping my Ire, either.

at any rate, this Bias of mines probably will influence what i shall be writing.)

the thing which i can most easily start in on is that, period, here in the "united" states, currently, Possession & Use is, for the most part, prohibited.

End Of Discussion.

and, to cap it off, i personally want nothing to do with It, because of the cyclical-activities and events which i've been seeing come with it.. reference to those who prefer to Light It Up.

(the main questions that get raised are,

• do you not know by now that Lungs almost never appreciate direct and continued exposure to Smoke?

• do you fuckers not know that most of you can get a better buzz if you were to ingest the cannabis leaves?

{even if you would have to wait a little while longer for The Effects to kick in,

• it is, penultimately, your desire to **get that buzz,** yes?})

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

´don't smoke↕´don't drink — ´don't Get High, period; and i currently cannot empathize with people who [erroneously {presume}] that they "must" [escape from Reality {in such a way}], either:

i actually don't have a problem with the act of one's getting doped-up, its self; rather, i am responsible enough to remember one other important reality of life:

No Man Is An Island Unto Himself.

i proclaim This, in direct defiance of all you dumb fucks who keep insisting "it's my mother-fucking business what i do with my own life — it has naught to do with anyone else!".


human beings have consistently shown me their near-absoute lack of responsibility when it comes to Physiologic- and Psychologic-altering substances: i don't give a fuck about the fact that yal bastards have been "getting high since Biblical Times" — there is no way you will successfully convince me that entire Families had not been torn asunder because of the person who was too weak to keep his ass in the fucking house instead of getting behind the wheel —> the individual who actually managed to outlive her 22-year-old son, in spite of the fact it was she who had been smoking the 3-packs a day, while the recently-departed never even brought an opened-beer can to his lips: the future Void to be felt by the uncle who had, through a Crisis or a Coïncidence, formed a substantially-special bond with his niece — she who, after having taken some LSD (peer-pressure influence), was too mentally-impaired to know she was finna walk her ass out onto a rather busy stretch of highway...


fuck you.

as far as I am concerned, it really all boils down to what can be considered True & Substantive disturbances for reasonable, average people, and up; that which bothers individuals who are of "suspect"-Mental Condition and Physical Bearing really should not be taken into account, irregarding the fact that 'those sorts' seem to be in a Majority, in this world.

what am i trying to saymy creation! i'm saying that i don't like watching people nod off in the middle of the fucking street, on their Her'on` High™; especially as a Pisces, i get extra-disturbed when i encounter someone who had long-ago burned her brain out from a Bad Acid Trip: that i don't appreciate sitting next to someone whose sweat smells sour from all the Beer/Whiskey/Gin/"Wild Turkey" he had consumed, earlier in the afternoon — probably as a misguided way of showing his peers that he's A Man: when the absorbed smoke on his clothes reeks so strongly that ... i catch an actual Sinus Infection.

one of the very definitions of being human is to have Vices, Habits, Addictions; and, yeah, those affinities will not always beneficial for that person — not in the short-term, not in the long-run → no matter how much i might protest this reality; although if his self-destruction can be converted in a utilizable Sacrifice for the betterment of others.....



bluntly, i could [give a damn] about y'all who chew or eat the cannabis — not at the moment, anyway; it's just, i really find Problems when people intoxicate themselves for no reason other than just to "buck the system" — otherwise rebelling against some Authority Figure in another of those misguided attempts..

..i derive no satisfaction from those who [begin to] have an obsession (a greed) for wanting to chemically alter their state, to the point of Oblivion — ´selfishly disregarding whatever consequences there might be for others, later on.

i had already, long ago, gained the ability to easily see the falseness and the superficiality of the Com'raderie that is shared amongst the "social" imbibers of Alcohols, T'bakkers, ´n` Mary Jo Wannis, X, et al: you would never dream of inviting that [black {guy}] to your house, under normal/alternate circumstances, otherwise .. so i don't see the point of "opening yourself up" to [him] at that bar or club↕house — unless you are willing to let all participants know upfront that, as far as you can fore↕see it, Activities or/and Relations won't ever progress past what you-all have going on at that `hang-out,´ then you shouldn't be letting anyone have even the faintest of possibilities of believing that something more substantive is possible.

(i guess you could extrapolate one of my other stances about this matter: that if it could truly be said that your actions while Tweaked would have fewer than [3°] of [overall {negative}] impact on the world around you, then, basically, you could set your eyes on fire and go forcing Sea Urchins up your pee-hole, and i wouldn't say shit about it.

i am Utilitarian in that way.

as long as i know it won't affect me or anything else i might ever be compelled to care about in even the slightest; i'd like to think of myself as a relatively-judicious, benevolent, thoughtful individual, regarding Grand Schemes.....)


the thing is, i can't say what would happen if the sale of marijuana, (and its derivatives), was legalized; because.. ..whether y'all like it or not, any chemical/compound not normally manufactured by [the Human Body] that, when consumed, alters one's Physiology or/and Psychology in any way besides [naturally {and proportionally}] sating Thirst & Hunger, is to be considered a Drug.

´don't give a fuck if it came right up from outta Da Ground or was built-up from da ground-up in A Lab:

but, today...

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...i don't even feel like getting down with all the drama, for r'il/for r'il.

in short: i feel Lazy — ´lazier'n'na mother↕fucker; yet i find myself tasked with making an entry in my also-Perpetually Beleaguered blog.

at the moment, the most important thing that i feel i have to enscribe for your perusal, here, is this feeling that had suddenly washed over me, last friday night, as i was walking (from the bus↕stop) to work:

Subtle Doom.

i felt, more than ever, that i had needed to watch my back as i made my way through what instantaneously transformed itself into an even more perilous Valley of Darkness; at that moment, during the 10 o'clock hour, it seemed, to me, as if the entire world had entered a new phase/level of Despair and Wretchedness — and it had to have done so: because my mind was "elsewhere" when all of that came over me; i was not looking for further reason to feel Shittier.

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

so what That means is, y'all are going to have to be even more vigilant, from this point and on-ward, than before — sorry.

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

incidentally, that Friday Night was also the night i decided i needed to [trim] all facial hair save the soul patch (which i had already trimmed a couple of months back) and ear-length side↕burns; i left all the hair on my scalp untouched, so as to provide some sort of contrast for my newly-embaldened face.


because of problems i have with Ingrown Hairs, i rarely do that; which i mean to say: when i do go poking around that area (to shape the best goatee or beard i can attain), i only use Clippers—and almost never razors—to trim surrounding hairs down to stubble — but, still, that condition afflicts me, from time-to-time.


i had been feeling bad about not reading books/novels, so, this year, i took steps to rectify that: i had gone through Wuthering Heights (emily brontë), Black Boy (richard wright; both parts), amongst a handful of others; i am now working on Another Country (james baldwin); the next book i will be reading is Giovanni's Room, also by baldwin: upon seeing me read Another Country, early sunday afternoon, while i was visiting at his place, a certain guy (with whom i have a decent bit of History .. and trouble.....), he figured he would let me have at that.

. . . . .

the thing about all the other books i have completed reading is, i had read them all already.

but, i know that my comprehension of the material, all those years ago, was poor, at best; so it was good for me to give those literature another look.

for all the intelligence that people had presumed to ascribe to me in my youth, i really hadn't known shit; or, i had yet to begin unlocking ... [????].

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

at any rate, the book i'm currently on is rather funny ... but, probably not entirely for the reasons James would hope i'd have; i won't name those reasons, at the moment.

i will say that ... even to this day, i . . . . . sorta find myself gravitating towards Eric.
at least, his "physiological type": red-haired, blue-eyed, just chunky enough.

he seems like he'd be cute ... although he can save the cross-dressing — ´just not my thing.

the thing that struck me most about the book is ... it was conceived in 1948, and had been developing in James's womb during the 1950s, being born only in the early 1960s; i guess... ...that this whole Standards & Practices/Television Code-dogma imposed on publicated media really had much more of a cultural impact than i've originally given it credit for; but with the advent of the Industrial Age, over 200-years ago, profanes and vulagres were only proliferated — muther↕fuckers, in real life, certainly were anything but Leave It To Beaver, and The Waltons: shows like I Love Lucy and The Honey↕Mooners were just a bit more fideline to how things really were [at that time] — ralph perpetually with his ever-looming domestic abuse, always threatening to send that mouthy-ass bitch Alice to the moon.



(♫) (no, i'm not sayin' it's okay to *POW*/straight to the kisser just because [a Woman] is being verbally provocative.. ..but, sometimes, [las chicas] just be pushin' it.....)

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