Thursday, February 14, 2008

Evolution? Intelligent Design?

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at one time, i was a rabid Evolution proponent; now, not so much: at the moment, i'd rather go for a compromise, by proclaiming that [the basis for] Life as we know it was indeed Plotted least initially, but that after maybe one or two mouldings, it was left to flesh its self out ─ evolve, in other words.

i am required By Law to have a hard time accepting, without Question, that All Of This could start from nothing/one atom, without some sort of Intervening Force having set a guide for the eventual progression of All Of That from it, in the first place; on the other hand.. was it possible for The Universe to form from nothingness, anyway? (it would be a Herculean Effort for one of you to be able successfully explain that one away, for me.)


the very notion that, somehow, Nothing spawned Life is one helluva concept for my mind to unconditionally embrace.

(p.s.: The Chicken came first.

what would have been around to first inseminate The Hen, and then sit on The Resulting Egg so as it could maintain appropriate Incubation Temperature?)

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