Wednesday, November 28, 2007

i find it strange.

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i do.

i find it strange, the fact that it is possible I have an actual heart lying somewhere within me.

i am supposed to be a heartless bastard, but..

..obviously, even I have my weakness; it is THIS:

what made me mad was the. . . . .´was the fact that.. ..´was the fact that a woman who looked so innocent.. matronly... warm:

´was the fact that a woman who sang such a beautiful-fuckin'-song had her god-damnèd life stripped away from her, like That.

no human being, who can know all of This, but still not shed at least [2] tears to think about It, when watching That Song performed, deserves to live.

i will probably not want anything to do with you, irregarding whatever other qualities you might have, unless they extraordinarily-compensate for your apparent lack of compassion.

i never fuckin' cry, but, even such a monster as I had to let some water drop.

once i finally saw Ms. Riperton perform this song.

i actually don't think i want to make myself that vulnerable, so suddenly, again.


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