Friday, October 5, 2007

"The Gangs of Camden County," is it?


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after i watched this episode [of MY NAME IS EARL], last night..
..well, yeah, i had to muffle m'self.

i was finna make myself Hoarse, from all my yelling and laughing.

People woulda thought I was killin' someone, in my room, the way i was compelled to Carry-On:



you two are some brave, fruity fuckers.


i didn't know what to do with myself.

between you two, and Patrick..'s pretty strange that i haven't "liberated The Troops" this week(♫).

i mean.. ..i cannot account, precisely, for what made me respond to It, such as I had, yesterday ─ i've already watched more hard↕core porn than any reasonable human probably should have ... all just in one day.

so, really?

what's the big deal about seeing Two Big Grown Fuckers do something as simple as Kiss, and, umm, be Prisonly Affectionate?

well, i might be able to tell you, after all:

the fact that, well ... i got to see two presumably heterosexual men carry on, such as They had ─ the fact that, well ... if they're not Fudge-Packin', after↕all...
...They sure could fool me:

the fact, yeah, that ... it was a Black Guy and a Mexican Guy, doing this, with each other.

the Socio-Cultural Implications that were carried, thence.


That was hot, to me.

They were hot ─ It was hot.

plus, It was FUNNY.

to see Them carry on, such as They had, was also funny.

who'd've thunk two Macho Fuckers would talk, such as They had, to one another¿

the funny thing is.. ..when That One Thing happened, per the decree of The Warden, i almost immediately knew, from thereön, I was gonna be in for A Treat.

it looks like i was successful in my application of BYAKUUGAN, on this day.

my god..
..i was just really happy to see what I had.

i guess, because, i saw something I wanna get into, more.

maybe i need to move to Los Angeles, then, after all.

sí: porque quiero chupar muchos vatos locos; y, quiero para ellos chupeme, también(♫).


Rex out.

(♫) (alright ─ That should be my only heterosexual-style Euphemism for EJACULATION.

for now.)
(♫) (nope: i can even hook-up with them ones on THE D.L., if i must.


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