Friday, October 5, 2007

"Made In China." (part 1.)


some of you might have heard this little joke Eddie Murphy used, in Raw; i'm going to direct your attention to the first part of That Joke of his:

  • basically, some Americans are in a chinese restaurant;

  • these Americans call over an attendant to take Their Order;

  • the Attendant takes their order, and leaves;

  • the Americans wait until they think The Coast is Cleared, to make fun of said Attendant;

  • the Attendant, for whatever reason, was actually peering out at Them, from the Staging Area, after returning Thence;

  • the attendant, miffed, tells The Cook, let us make a Special WON-TON SOUP for them.

i'm thinkin'..
..This might be one of those many reasons why We've been getting so much contaminated shit from China, for, only God Knows, how long.


This could be one of the many reasons; or.. ..perhaps, This, actually, has long been a coördinated effort, by The Chinese, to hit Us where it hurts.

us Americans..
..we have our Obvious Weaknesses ─ and, i s'pose you could say, China has, indeed, been exploiting some of Them.

one very good way to sum It up, quickly, is:


this would work, quite nicely.

i could probably end this post Right Here, too.

ah, but ... That's not how I work.

So, as far as my tiny little mind can grasp, i can talk, a bit, about two groups of people, now, who would seek the employ of Cheap Goods:

  • The Poor;
  • The Business Man


you sorta can't fault one of these groups for their purchasing decisions; the other.. ..well, not-so-much.

These, the people who are also likely(♫-1) to hire The Cheap Help ─ los pinche mexícanos, y otros latínos, en específicamente.

This, just so These [White] Bastards can continue to maximize their own, good old Boys', Profit(♫-2).

They, who are also usually the ones to come from out of their face with some shit like, but, if we [raise Minimum Wage], then, we will actually have to begin to [lay-off] people(♫-3): THEM, the fuckers who developed that nifty little idea of Outsourcing.(♫-4)


in the interest of maximizing their own earnings(♫-5), these Executives, et al., really hadn't been stopping at anything, have they?

no, They haven't.

so, i really am wondering about just who it was, that Snitched.
because, as far as I can remember, it all started, just a few months back, with RECALLS OF [DOG] FOOD.


(♫-1) (although not guaranteed)
(♫-2) (no offense being intended to the ones who Aren't Like That.)
(♫-3) (so that, circularly, They can continue to maximime their own, good old Boys', Profit.)
(♫-4) (the irony There being, this little decision, of Certain White People's, has ... quite adversely, affected other White People.

(♫-5) (earnings which, apparently, They feel no real obligation to share with their sub-ordinates.)

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