Saturday, October 6, 2007

ah, Oscar, mi corazon...

...mi corazon quién, para ahora, esta infamoso.(♫-1)

well, Long Story, shortened:

basically, i don't believe Those Pics are of señor Oscar de la Hoya; and even if they were: a man's engaging in CROSSDRESS isn't automatically indicative of his also willfully-engaging in Sexual Contact with other males, anyway.(♫-2)

i certainly wouldn't judge a person, adversely, based on [the sex of the individual he wants to screw{ around with}].


and, in considering just whom, exactly, Oscar is...
...i really wouldn't want to, either.

calling that person Oscar de la H[---](♫-3) might be cute, fer summa'yiz..
...but, really: i'd like to see you make an attempt to say That to his face.


please, try It.

at any rate, i have no opinion, one way or another, about the bloake, since i don't follow Boxing; in appraising the photographs which That Certain Site(♫-4) provided, in backing up its claim, i came to the conclusion that it is very likely said images were DOCTORED.

so, put your tongues back in your mouths, fags..
..and, don't you dare feed That Falsehood which is being perpetrated about PAPÍ.(♫-5)

i mean, for The Sakes of Christ, THIS is a person's rep-...
...-putation, and Family, at stake, here:

pinche, ¿¿saben ustedes cuánto Machismo que mexicanos típicos tienen??

just in considering That, alone, i don't think Our Little Pugilist would consider undertaking such an activity.. ..but if he were to. . . . .well, i am almost certain he'd be very proäctive in being Public about that "peccadillio," actually: This, so that, over time, you fuckers would learn to not make That be such a big deal anymore.

i guess.

(♫-1) (shut up.)
(♫-2) (i didn't just say "...of his being homosexual" because, for ONE, one's pursuit of dressing up in typical-Opposite Gender's Clothing {or, CROSSDRESSING}, etc., is not relegated to just gays; for TWO, in speaking about Men, there are indeed others besides gays who, willingly, engage in sexual-acts with other men.

thank you, very much.)
(♫-3) (this will be one of those few times when i censor something.)
(♫-4) (one that i will not, at the moment, publicize)
(♫-5) (3.24-hit Technical Alliteration-combo; +5,992 points)

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