Friday, October 5, 2007

"Made in China." (part 2.)

under the governance of the adage of lying with ... Dogs, ironically, making you finna come back up with Fleas, look at what's happened:

a "sizeable" number of those animals (plus an unspecified number of Elderly People) got sick from consuming That Shit: some even DIED, for the Sakes of Christ.

..just for that All-Might Dollar.

_\↕/_ _\↕/_


is it?

now, even though I really don't watch or read The News, much..
..not even i could miss all this shit goin' on ─ i thought that it was relegated to just shit from Mexíco...
...but, no, yo ─ fo' sho'(♫-1), even China has been... ...i guess you might say, getting Its REVENGE upon us.


that's cool, and all, but.. ..i just wish that you fuckers haven't been so... ...indiscriminate, in your targeting.

some people do need to die, or/and, sustain Permanent Injuries/Disabilities ─ you just need to canvass a few Corporate Offices, etc.; if you want to hit some peripheral targets, get these CEOs' Children, or, whatever ── under the governance of that other maxim, sometimes(♫-2), y'gotta break'r few eggs in order t'make ´n omlit, maybe it would take hurting Loved Ones(♫-3), or/and, affecting The Fuckers who facilitate their ability to, y'know, Efficiently Make Monies, to get ´em to ... renounce their Sinful Ways.



countless years, countless children ─ inner-city parents in The Dollar Stores, buying them That Tinker-Toy Shit, either just to get Them to shut up, or/and, appease Them...

...i am fully convinced that, to "say the least," There Musta Been Somethin' In The Water, for a certain segment of the American Black Population to, basically, ACT THE SAME/exhibit strongly-similar Behaviourial/Psychological Deficiencies.

what many of us, These Days, would call being a


, is, really, [the "logical" extension of a currently un-named] pathology ─ a mental disorder.

i am convinced of That.(♫-4)

in a way, i can't even really be mad at Those Individuals who exhibit those signs of Niggerism ─ They can't help themselves.

i'm not saying they don't need to be Locked Up, somewhere(♫-5)..
..but, i am saying, i know it's not Their Fault ─ just as only few Human Beings would, (at least in this hateful-assèd society, anyway), choose [non-Heterosexuality].. ..probably as many, or fewer, would choose to be a Nigger.

(or, humour'usly, a WIGGER.)

few would choose to conscientiously replicate those pathologies which have, most conspicuously, been taken up by a certain segment of Urban Black Individuals.

although, i am now remembering a recent observation i made ─ one that struck me as Ironic: the fact that, actually, some white men were The First [American/English] Gangsters.

weren't they?

sure They were.

there were many more notorious white gangsters before there were ever any notorious black gangsters; so, They were our ROLE MODELS, i am reckoning.


Gangster Crackers.

holy fuck.


(♫-1) (5-hit Technical Rhyme-combo)
(♫-2) (Ah reck'n.)
(♫-3) (and that is actually assuming those Cold White Bastards {and the other non-whites who, follyishly, take up after Them(♫-3a)} actually are capable of LOVE, in the first place.)
(♫-4) (just as i am convinced i've somehow went off on yet another Tangent!

(♫-5) (because, Their Choice, or not: They, Their Ilk, and, most importantly, the people who lead to Their Genesis, still are Menaces to Our Society.)

(♫-3a) (yep ─ i got my eye trained right on you, Matthew.)

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