Sunday, October 28, 2007

before i forget...

i believe the proper chr'nology is:

Al Roker;
Tracy Morgan;
Brad Garrett;
Ross Mathews


when composing Skinny Bitches, i guess i had a sort of Eurocentric-type of Mindset going.

which is unfortunate, because, actually, it was [me seeing] Tracy Morgan [on the Conan o'Brien show] who that had sparked the Impetus within me to write about the Comfortably Plump converting turning themselves into the UNFORTUNATELY BONY in the first place.


i know that there are other Kats, just in general, who've also undergone such a conversion, but.. the moment, i can't think of them.

but, while i am talking about Famous Fuckers:

a.) no, bobby brown.. self-respecting Homosexual would be interested in ... attempting Prison Moves on you.

so, you need not worry about That happening.

and when you'd shown us that even-nastier Little Side of yours to Us, on national TeeVee, anyways...

...well, i, myself, had lost even more fuckin' r'spect fer ya, brah.

b.) y'know?

there was an episode of According to Jim that had our Jim Belushi SPORT A MUSTACHE.



...jim looked so macho, didn't he, with That Fucker?

with that ´70s Porne Starre Mustachhio?

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