Sunday, October 28, 2007

fancy A BUM?

...and this muther↕fucker..

..really, how could one expect for me to be able to keep my fuckin' Britches on?


en effet.


i wound up being sooooooooooooo.. ..fuckin' horny, after having watched all i could, of Frank, and ... The Big Gay Following. . . . .

. . . . .i think i actually wound up beating off twice That Day.

(to get me to masturbate twice in even three days' time is highly unusual..., THENCE, those two dudes must have had An Effect on me.)

if my Chronology still properly maintains its integrity..

..The Big Gay Following(♫-1) came after Workout from The Pen (EXERCISE WITH CONVICTION!).(♫-2)

_\↕/_ _\↕/_

anyway: the reason i chose to show you guys this particular clip is, is because of The Event that happened thither at position 2:07; and the 2nd Event which had occured, as a consequence, at position 2:08.


i .. believe that this 1st event was what sent me over The Edge(♫-3), although, based on this 2nd Event, even in Merry Old England, i suppose Some Things, for the natives, are still considered IRREGULAR.


eric page is a rather cheeky lad, râight?

indeed He is.

and, yeah, one of those dude whose bum i would Fancy, verily.


i suppose he just hasn't found a peaceful-looking black guy to molest...

...i know niggers live in England, after all. would need only leave it up to me to swoop in there, when one of those White Boys rejects you, Mr. Page..

..and thus take you into An Alley and give ya The Shagging you seem to want, so badly.

i need only make sure you are already All Cleaned Out, inside, before i commence The Fucking...

...´less i turn a bit violent and kick ya in the Bollocks m'self.

i shall need to pay A Little Visit to great britain, some time..

..i need to pillage some Red↕Heads, y'know?

(♫-1) (a subsidiary, indeed, of BALLS OF STEEL.)
(♫-2) (that is to say, i happened upon The Former after The Latter.)
(♫-3) (and reaching for The Lotion and DREAMCATCHER.)

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