Monday, November 5, 2007

***hell*** no.


y'know: this particular issue is affecting me deeply enough to compel me to Create A Blog Entry about IT before i take m'self on off to bed for the morning: Erik Hunter is going to have to explain, eventually, how he went from ..... well, whaddayaknow?

it's sorta lookin' like i am going to be continuing Skinny Bitches whether i want to or not after all, now don't It?


..... Erik Hunter is going to have to explain, eventually, to his [fans] how he went from 246 lbs. down to 218 lbs., some time between AUGUST 2006 and JANUARY 2007.


i hope This ain't happen for the reason which i am getting this feeling that It is stemming from..
..but, if it has to be because of That Reason, then i am going to be hopin' that It ain't go down because of An Even More Specific Activity ─ but, if This Event has to have been triggered because of That Activity, then, i will gladly rescind any bad feelings i mighta previously had for the fucker(♫)... ...because, in his current state, i don't believe I want his cock in my mouth no more no-ways.. ..and if he's lost the weight because of This, then, i now will have A MORAL REASON to back me up.

i couldn't even jerk off to the latest [studio-produced] prOn that he was in, that is how bad This is[, for me].


what a waste of my time, providing that This Radical Alterring of Appearance is the result of "The Bad Reason."

(♫) (due to a Specific {albeit very, very miniscule} Event that transpired between he & I ─ another Event which i will not divulge Specifics about, at the moment.)

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