Monday, November 5, 2007

this punch will be Heavier Than Life!


i seem to be in a rather giving mood, today; i say This because originally, i was just gonna present some Special Pictures to you, unadultered; then i remembered, some of you probably do not possess as strong of a stomach as i apparently must, for me to have been able to compile Those Images such as i had with, almost, no obvious-Adverse Physiological Affect.

what images, precisely, are you talking about?, you might be asking?

well, i shall tell ya:

  • hither, i want to graphically illustrate, for you, why i don't Imbibe, at all.

  • i want to show you why i cannot stand muther↕fuckers who consume alcohol to the point where, well...

  • i want for you to guys learn just a bit more about me.

v'rai, i do feel pretty strongly about This Issue.

although, yeah, i think i should probably give you a bit more information about My Current RealmExtent of Knowledge about This, before i proceed:

that i've already come to grips with the reality that Muther↕Fuckers have, in one form or another, through one means or another, been GETTING HIGH since Biblical Times; and that, basically, nothing's going to change it.


That's just the way It is ─ ´something which, apparently, is engrained in our very natures ── the want to Get Fucked Up.

i acknowledge This; although, by no means, should you ever believe that my acknowledgement equates ACCEPTANCE: no man is an island unto himself ─ ´meaning, there are consequences for these indulgers' Extreme Actions..

..Consequences which do not affect only them, but, Other Niggiz(♫-1), as well.

´consequences which can, indeed, affect a dude who might be as far removed as 65,902° from the originating source.(♫-2)


plus, in specific reference to Binge Drinking(♫-3), it just ain't dignified ─ it ain't dignified, being all todo tirado(♫-4), stretched out..
..and Vulnerable.

´waking up in the middle of a god-damn Old Folks' Home.

´with someone's Cane mysteriously-lodged up your ARSE.


on to The Main Event.

i seem to be in a rather giving mood, today, because instead of outrightly-showing you These Lovely Images, as i originally was gonna, i amshall instead gonna be givinggive you the option of.. ..taking control of your own respective destinies, somewhat: i decided that it would be best if i were to give you the option of ... clicking the innocuous pictures that I have posted(♫-5) AT YOUR OWN RISK to see what i'm fussing about, todayso, if you do, in fact, have a Weak Stomach, then, you probably aren't A Binger, anyways.

(but if you are A Binger, in spite of That Liability, then ... i must needs ask you, why art thee so destructive unto thine self?.)

when you click on The Dog or click on The Cat, the respective GRAPHIC IMAGERY will, of course, open up in new windows; hopefully, my Pictoral Spread will serve as a deterrent for most of you, and a TURNING-AROUND POINTE for the rest of ye, who think it's cute to get wasted ─ pro'ly because you've not yet seen how undignified you look while passed out.

(y'know? i get the feeling that if more of you had to actually clean up your own "Mess," instead of leaving it to some already pissed-off, over-worked, underpaid, custodian, or Friend(♫-6), to do... ...then, you might indeed strongly consider changing your tune.(♫-7)

or, would you rather wait until a "friend" of yours who, in the names of "just having some fun," and "living life to 'the fullest' today because I ain't guaranteed T'MORROW," upchucks in your ride, before you will finally accept that if you absolutely must drink, that you should do so only in muther↕fuckin' moderation!?)


for your Viewing Pleasure:

hunky bear puke+vomit/resting/identity obscured

drunken college student idiot/car puke+vomit/splatter/door

anatomy of puke+vomit/raw chicken/tomato/pasta/gastric disruptions/drunk guy

drunken heterosexual college student idiot dude/couch + pillow puke+vomit/dyspepsia/resting

drunken heterosexual college student idiot chick/couch puke+vomit/dyspepsia/resting/myspace blast

cell phone capture/drunken college student asian idiot dude/puke+vomit/laid-out

old pops/drunk/poppy/bare-ass naked nekkid/sophisticated formall puke+vomit/stretched-out/undignified

drunken heterosexual sports dude/worst of the worst/puke+vomit all over crotch/go patriots!/beer to death


(♫-1) (of all ethnicities)
(♫-2) (basically, it's like saying that the vehicular manslaughter {via Driving While Intoxicated} that went down in, say, Tulsa, Oklahoma, does have the potential to have an adverse effect on a sumbitch who lives in, say, Canberra, Australia.

you think not?

well then, you pro'ly don't have the intellectual capacity to handle reading my muther↕fuckin' ´b'log correctly anyway, and should prob'ly make your way on over to some other literature more suitable for you, like Highlights.)
(♫-3) (which is what this entry is specifically pertaining to, anyway.)
(♫-4) (yeah, i know That's redundant ─ ´don't change The Subject, though!)
(♫-5) (obtained from Here and Here.)
(♫-6) (and a very good one, indeed, if she doesn't immediately dump your ass after The Incident.)
(♫-7) (that, of its self, would be A-Whole-´Nother Blog Entry, for me.

´one about Personal Responsibility.)

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