Saturday, October 6, 2007

"the Jena 6." (part 2.)

i do not, and cannot, condone the gang-bank ─ but, i would have turned a blind eye to the matter if it was just a one-on-one (or, tops, a two-on-one) altercation, because the "victim" said something Racially Insensitive; in That Case, it wouldn't be a JENA SIX.

it would be a JENA ONE.

and i woulda been cheering that black fucker on, THUGGIN' PATHOLOGICAL NIGGER or not, too.


..while i do believe that all parties who were involved in the beat↕down of Justin Barker need to be convicted (albeit for Aggravated Assault, or, at the most, aggravated-Attempted Manslaughtering), them three white boys who executed that Bright Idea need to have some other Penalties imposed, upon them.

other penalties, besides being perpetrators of Hate Crime.


Two-Thousand-... ...and -Fucking-Seven(♫-1), and you mean to tell me you, as a white person, don't know what kinda Pandora's Box THAT is??

either Today's Youth really are fuckin' oblivious, or..

..They really are fuckin' STUPID.(♫-2)

but, actually, the other main issue at hand, for me, is this perceived Inequality of Application of Judicial Sanctions, to the, ─ahem,─ "prankster[z]".

That, i am inclined to go along with.

i am inclined to believe that The Courts were intentionally harsher on the black fuckers, specifically because the[ir skin was] Black; whereäs the White Perps were given that rote Slap On Wrist, pro'ly not so much because the[ir skin was] white, in this instance, as it was because They just weren't BLACK.

if all these Famous Black Figures are going to be fighting for something, it had better not be for freeing The Jena 6.

none of them deserve FREEDOM(♫-3): at least one of them already had "priors"; presumably, the rest of them already committed punishable-offenses that They just ain't had documented, yet; if that's not the case, for some of them, then.. ..well, They shoulda known better than to be hanging out with The Wrong Crowd, anywayz.

anyway, i'm going to just wait until i hear something else definitive, about This Case, before i formulate any other Words to spare..

..i think I pro'ly've said enough about It, by now.(♫-4)


(♫-1) (and in the south, no less.)
(♫-2) (i guess you'd say, both, huh?)
(♫-3) (or, i guess, Restitution for Time Already Served.)
(♫-4) (on the bright side: there won't be a[n immediate] 3rd Part to this!

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