Saturday, October 6, 2007

"the Jena 6." (part 1.)

my turn:

i just did a bit of reading up on This Little Matter, from WIKIPÆDIA; from That Reading, i have come to this conclusion:

whether you like It or
not, them niggiz need to be locked-up,
for gang-bankin' a mutha↕fucka.

but, the crackiz who went on
ahead and did something as charming as
hanging actual Nooses(♫-1) from
The White Tree ... them fuckers need
to be locked-up thrice-as-long.

´for doing some stupid shit as That ─ knowing that Niggas be lookin' for a reason to BLOW SOME SHIT UP.

i guess it might just be as simple as That.

but, of course...

...I don't want for It to be that way.

i really am glad that i held off on forming Complete Opinions about this matter until i had more facts about it; i went into It thinking one thing, but, came away, leaning t'wards another.

i mean, Assault is ASSAULT ─ period.

especially-more-so, when 6 muther↕fuckers beat up on one?

come on, now.

no rational, reasonable person can defend That ─ Justin Barker probably wasn't even one of the fuckers who put up Those Nooses, in the first place!

ah, but.. ..That is to be an issue dealt with at another time ─ maybe even by another blogger.

so far, all I've read was, basically, a bunch of Speculation.

a bunch of Speculation, about some pretty serious fuckin' shit.

(i am not satisfied by This.

i am not satisfied about the fact that People believe they can actually commit malicious deeds against innocent people, and not have to Pay Penalties for it ─ that These Fuckers(♫-2) have actually made STOP FUCKIN' SNITCHIN' be somethin' cool and acceptable to the point where ... Blood can, and will, be shed, in enforcing one's continued ability to na'er-do-well; and that The Meek, and Misguided, will conscientiously turn a Blind Eye to WITNESS INTIMIDATION ─ or even encourage the promulgation of It.)

the only things i can be sure of, be: that some nooses got hung, directly after (but, not necessarily because) a black student, passively/aggressively, brought up the fact that White Students were hogging a nice-asséd tree; and that, not too longly afterwards, a white fucker got Rodney Kinged by 6 black fuckers.

(♫-1) (i don't care if it was two or three.)
(♫-2) (irregarding Ethnicity ─ as Wanda Sykes would put it, i am probably as afraid of a White [Nigger]{♫-2a} in a Business Suit with a comb↕over and a Wall Street Journal in his hand as i am of a Black [Nigger] with Sagged Pants, White-T, and Dreadlocks ─ if not even more so)

{♫-2a} (or Cracker, if you must.)

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