Tuesday, October 16, 2007

a ... Dirtier Sanchez. (part 3 of 3.)

(it had to come, some time.


i guess most of the fuss about This had already died down, long ago; but, i had made a commitment to Finishing This Shit Off.. ..so, i'm going to make an attempt to do just that, hence.

Matthew can live his life, conservatively; i am okay with That.
i am not that thrilled that he aligns himself with Republicans .. but, only because, as a general rule, Republicans try to impose Their Views on others who "just ain't feelin' it".
and.. ..because... ...Matthew aligns himself with a party who, lately, has been exposed as being Profound Hypocrites ─ the "do as I say, not as I do ... ´less we judge you as we continue to do our own Dirty Shit"-variety.

(i am neither Democrat nor Republican; i am neither Conservative nor Liberal.
for That Matter, i am not Moderate, either.
every issue that is put in front of me to consider, i try to evaluate, on a case-by-case basis.)

I don't care about Matthew's reverting to his previous homosexual ways.. ..but, on the provision that He is in fact sucking That Cock(♫) again, he's gonna have to GET IT TOGETHER ─ he shalt not put up a Heterosexual Front..
..he shalt not commingle with Outspoken, Proud Homophobes, either ─ not especially more so, when he's A Fruit, himself.

basically, That is the extent of It, for me.

I can't think of anything else to say, at the moment.
(i will be needing to get ready for Work, in a few more minutes, and, I actually want to close out one other Entry that is currently "outstanding", anyway.)

if any of you would like for me to, y'know, Elaborate on anything you believe I had left out ... then, you may feel free to leave some comments asking me to do so.



(but, when would These Comments come, anyways?)

(♫) (and, possibly, taking It up the arse, sometimes?)

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