Monday, October 1, 2007

it's **Da C'rock**!


..Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris.........

.........what are we to do, with you?

me, personally: i would make you bullet-proof.
i'd make you -proof to many things, actually ─ you don't need to go away, anytime soon.

whether you mean to, or not, you do a good job of furtherly exposing peoples' Truer Natures ─ for all their ugliness, mainly.

and i know that you, really, don't have anymore Psychoses than the next person; more than anything, you'd probably be content just to be to yourself, if it weren't for the bare-boned idiocy of our fellow "man"; any "problems" you do have, Mr. Crocker, certainly weren't there before People started fucking with you, all the way back from when you were but a wee lad, just playing the cards that Mother Nature,──via your bio-chemistry,──dealt you.

anyway, i really hadn't known about him, at all, before other Peoples of The Internet took notice of his Leave Britney Alone video(♫).
once I looked it over, i had to begin to look over his other you↕tube videos(♫).


he has such fabulous hair, sometimes.

also, looking up chris lead me to finding, in order of listing, two other fags who have carved out their own substantive-piece of the Internets Pie: perez hilton, and william sledd.

(by unrelated-extension, there's Trixie-and-Paris: whom, just a couple of weeks ago, i discovered via another AOL News Item regarding, umm, that recent Miss Teen Something or The Other Thing...; although, really, i am more interested in Trixie {also known as The PRican Bouncer, better known as CARLOS} than Paris {better known as Raul... ...also known as RAULLARA}.

Carlos is fucking cute.

the slight Puerto Rican-twang he has which colours the way he talks is just as cute.

Those two are two be discussed at another time, though..)
..this is The C'rock's Time.

and, chris: you sorta have me enamoured.
you're pretty fierce ... and i bid you lots of luck ─ and i really hope you can get from out of that bum↕fuck area that you're in, as soon as is humanly possible.
and keep being yourself.
but, be careful not to, y'know, become like the very people who seem to get off on persecuting you; do not step into the true dark side...


be a role-model ... be a bastion for the underdogs like you.
yeah, it is easier being a masculine-dispositioned homosexual; but when you're Femme and Fabulous, yeah, you really got more shit to deal with.

but, for now..
..for all of you haters, and, especially you god-forsaken Homophobes:



(♫) properly, the second of two parts of Chris's Videos regarding leaving Ms. Spears alone
(♫) (i'm really not that into MySpace what-so-ever, so, any of chris' vignettes which are exclusive to That WebSite, i will just have to look over, some time way later.)

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