Monday, October 1, 2007

yo te explíque.

now this really will be Short-n-Sweet:

if no one else has come up with this seemingly-obvious idea, by now..

..well, it seems to me, that if the radio station 92Q wants to Make Things Right, with all our Local Talent who consistently gitz no luv from The Q-Jays(♫), what it must do is, have the Head Fucker In Charge simply register a new radio station to hit The Air Waves, that will cater EXCLUSIVELY to .. Those Disenfranchised.

ah, but, not only will this H.F.I.C. have to create that station..
..H.F.I.C. will have to give It as much of a push as possible, so that, over the months/years, that station can eventually enjoy the influence which 92Q currently enjoys.

i feel that That is only fair.
give The People what they want ... It will probably be better for all of us.

As Long As It Is Executed Properly.

´just gotta make sure we don't get no Dime-a-Dozen Niggz up on that muthafucka ─ ´¿kna'mean, brah?

(♫) (and i ain't talkin' just about all that Local Club [Music] Shit, either)

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