Monday, October 1, 2007

a Dirtier Sanchez? (Part Two.)

at the moment, i haven't yet precisely articulated what it is that compels me to hold our Matthew Sanchez in a disfavourable light; i reck'n i could get around to doing so, right now, just to git'r over with:

  • the fact that He aligns himself with a group (and, a GROUP OF PEOPLE) who, basically, are really known for actively, and conscientiously, oppressing Persons of Colour ─ this being An Issue that cannot be fudged, or distorted, at all;

  • the very distinct (but not proven) possibility that, yep, this Individual might be on The Down↕Low, to boot.

Those, right there, are the two bases I have, in not thinking especially-highly of our hunky, misguided, confused, Fucker.

(however, in saying That, i guess i am sorta forced to give y'all just a bit of a background on Yours, truly(♫-1):

y'see, i, personally, actually identify as neither Republican nor Democrat; as importantly, i identify as neither Liberal nor Conservative ─ ´call me a FENCE-RIDER if you'd like...

...but, obviously, you'd still be wrong about me.

rather, i'd prefer to render my opinion on Issues on a case-by-case basis; so, there is a very distinct possibility that one may find me undertaking a conservative, moderate, liberal view.....
.....on the same fucking issue.

depending on how much cash i was giv─no.


That Can't Be Right.


well, i do have the capability of undertaking all three views on what seemingly is The Same Matter..
..but, that would be one of the most rarest of circumstances for even me to encountre; and, obviously, I could only feel THOSE THREE WAYS on Three Differing Occasions.)

ah, damn you, Matt.

i have no good way of making This sound good ─ not while I am in almost desperate need of Sleep, anyway.

(but, This needs to be done, eh?

i will find The Right Words to use, in my last entry for tonight, indeed.)

i will, also, uphold the right for Individuals to pursue the paths that make Them feel most comfortable, as long as These Paths, pursued, won't significantly infringe upon the Paths, pursued, of COMFORT'N'HAPPINESS of others: some were built to be Conservative ... others were built to "´pends"...

...some other muther↕fuckers were built to be, i d'no,



the Maple Granola Eaters.. ..and The Milque↕Toast(♫-2).

in saying That, i can affirmatively tell you, from my own experiences, i am subject to feeling ... extreme discomfort being around individuals who govern themselves under either extremes of The Disposition/Experiential Spectrum.

one way, or another, Y'all can do whatever makes you happy ─ but ... it seems like The Fundamental Problem there is, is, yenz keep on trying to force your views on people who, frankly, JUST AIN'T FEELIN' IT.

this goes for Conservatives.. ..this goes for Liberals.


it's folly, the fact that we, As A People, actually still let ourselves be governed by just One Head Honcho of One Political Leaning, PER UNUM ─ Federally; Stately; Municipally.

obviously, a rather substantial-restructuring of Government is needed, so that we can herd everyone into some sort of Appropriate Grouping; the mentality which is enforced, that it's mandatory that our Elected Officials can't be booted out for Sub-Par Performance even sooner than when their Terms expire(♫-3)...

...the mentality that anything, really, has to be mandatory, or has to be stuck with, once implemented or undertaken, when it eventually becomes apparent that No Good Will Come Of It is quite flawed, indeed.

like, for example: i've been up for damn near 26-hours, fuckin' with gettin' My Blog lookin' good ... my eyes should be about ready to fall from out of their respective sockets...

(...and, worsely-more, i am fuckin' hungry.

it feels like i want some Beef.)

(but, i might just be getting some Cereal, instead.

if even that.)

but, instead, i will just quit while I am ahead, and get that rest I deserve ─ there is always Another Day, yeah?

so ... whereäs, in The First Part, i was ripping into the person who spurned all of These Words you're hopefully reading, Here; my foray into making an actual attempt to empathize with Him, and his actions Core Being (♫-4), in this second part, lead me into the first of many tangents you will be seeing me go off into.

ah, well..
..what can You do?

on the bright side, at least i got to, quite accidentally, discover in this post that i can, in fact, utilize Underlines in my blogs!



so .. on this night, i will, basically, spare You, mateo.

but, This is to be far from OVER.


repent ─ denounce thine Sinful Ways ... and, ye, there might be Salvation for you, verily.

i will get to finish editing This when i am finally in a position to do so.

(♫-1) (just a bit, now.)
(♫-2) (ick.)
(♫-3) (not even, say, just Two Months In, but, already with Atrocious Track Record)
(♫-4) (although, no, i'm still pretty much as displeased with Him as ever)

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