Thursday, November 8, 2007

My Limited Knowledge. (part 1 of 2.)

indeed, my knowledge is limited.


none-th`-less, This won't stop me from opening my mouth up and saying Ignorant Shit.

one of these Ignorant Things i deign say is:

i really am sick and tired of these Republikans.

aw shit: what is it this time, rex?

well, i'll tell ya:

the fact that, although apparently Maryland is in danger of Big Deficit, these niggas wanna cock↕block with culling together Monies to resolve this.


i mean, fuck, THESE MONIES gotta come from somewhere; apparently, our previous governor, Robert L. Erlich, didn't do right [with Our Budget] while he was IN OFFICE ... so, now, Martin J. O'Malley has to try to do something to fix This Problem.

obviously, i don't want to pay anymore money than i am now: in considering that I, and my Ilk, already are [relatively-]poor as fuck now..
..but, i'm going to take old marty at his word that he will make an attempt to levy higher taxes on the niggas that need to be paying them ─ Large Corporations, and ... your typical REPUBLIKAN.
amongst other individuals who earn──i'm guessing──over $80,000 (or/and average over $[5],000 in Disposable Income) annually.

i, too, tire of Rich/Affluent Fuckers ducking out of paying their fair share..
..i've already tired of bearing witness to The Working Poor/Struggling, and The Indigent, being legally robbed by The Man, millennia ago ─ ´having monies taken from them that They really can't afford to be givin' up.


the money to eliminate This Deficit has to come from somewhere.
the republikans in Congress──most of whom strike me as people who can afford to, individually, cough up a few more hundreds, or a couple of thousands, per annum──don't want to do That.

so, from whence do you want This Money to come?
you would rather shift more of The Tax Burden to anyone but yourselves, you muther↕fuckers?

or, you would actually just rather do nothing, while The System all around us collapses?



it sucks, but, it seems like Increased Taxes will have to be the main way through which we make The Deficit go away; i would prefer it if the people who can afford to Cough Up More do so.
if That condition can be met, then, i can pro'ly suck up The Tears that will, eventually, result from [our] paying That Extra Penny, for SALES TAX.

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