Thursday, November 8, 2007

My Limited Knowledge. (part 2 of 2.)

i'm not saying take all their money away ... but, if you think that The Middle Class Folk, themselves, shall continue putting up with This Shit(♫-1), without doing something retaliatorily-nasty, then, i believe yenz got Another Thing Comin' t'ya.

i am also in favour of introducing Slot Machines to strategically-placed areas through Our State; just a week-and_some-change ago, i watched on The News a republican-member of Our Congress declare, disturbingly, that the reason he himself is not in favour of This Ameliorative is, they haven't had time to properly discuss how to best execute It.

excuse me?

robert erlich, himself, had made an attempt to get you fuckers to get Them in this state starting at least 3 years ago(♫-2); 3 years later, and, you proclaim that you still don't know what to do with them??


now, ain't that A Bitch¿

Slot Machines, as almost immediately-effective, additional means of raising revenue.. a seemingly-sensible way of continuing to let our Race Tracks remain viable competitors with other states(♫-3), and, you still don't fuckin' know, huh?



while i'm at it.. would appear as if niggas really like Blowing Money on THE LOTTERY ─ which is cool, and all; i think it would be fair to say that, since [fiscal year] 2000, Marylanders, basically, coughed up A Billion Dollars playing The Numbers.

an average of, say, $420,000,000 of these Total Monies [is supposed to] go to STATE SERVICES; imagine it if The Lottery were to merely be abolished, altogether?


because, honestly, ain't no black person who really needs It will be winning THE BIG PRIZE, ever, anyway ─ such qualifying-lottery tickets will never be distributed to [urban areas], of course; so, they can save That Money for something more productive(♫-4), i'd reck'n.

seeing as we are willing to spend A Billion, collectively, for That which rarely ever materializes [for those truly in need], why not just redirect those funds directly towards The State?
just imagine if every state (which have such Big Spenders in them) were to operate in that way?
we'd need only strictly enforce anti-Pork/anti-Wasting Regulations, and *bam,* theoretically, many more problems should thusly be circumvented.


(♫-1) (what with The American Dollar continuously falling in value, and what↕not.)
(♫-2) (i don't follow politics closely, so, i can only guess at the circa de.)
(♫-3) (although, granted, i personally don't currently care for Horse Racing...)
(♫-4) (shut up.)

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