Thursday, November 8, 2007

hell yeah.


alright, so, yet another part of My World was shattered, just a coupla days ago, when i bore witness to erik hunter's latest Incarnation.


well, if i can't have him, then, i can always have eric dane.



no, actually.

this fucker, of course, is MARRIED.

well, at any rate.. ..i can still post Pictures that i've found, of Him, lain around The Internet; i need only tell you where i got these particular files from(♫) and That should probably be enough to cover my ass.


roman-hair eric dane/sexy hair/with beard + mustache

eric dane/no beard

eric dane/in chair/with mustache

eric dane showing some flesh/with beard + mustache

comfortable eric dane at home (?)/with beard+mustache

it's kinda hard to believe th` sum↕bitch is but, what?

34 (35, t'morrow)?

but, i guess he is.

he's pullin' off that Gray Hair, though.
i´tn't he?


i pro'ly won't be anymore specific about My Likes, regarding this particular Grey's Anatomy-cast member, at the moment, though...
...´not especially since i need to Eat Something ─ my Tummy rumbles.


my mom made some Meat↕Loaf yesterday.., i think i will use That, to complement some beans, rice, and Greens, that i have.

it will be A Process to cook, but ... This is the sort of thing i had been waiting for.

(♫) (hence, thirdly, and hither, restly.)

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