Tuesday, January 22, 2008

revisiting The Past.

before i forget ... i just want to mention that, on the 6th of This Month, i got together with That Guy i mentioned to you from a few weeks ago, once again. ; and i actually broke a sweat, this time around..

..so i guess i was taking this particular session more seriously.


the most-noteworthy_thing i can think of to share with you about our latest rendezvous is, This [Gentleman] really seems to like gripping heads and fucking faces!

jesus h. christ.

he actually made my head involuntarily bob back`n´forth for a few seconds after he, uh, "got through with me."
(if he hadn't been so piggish he coulda actually unloaded in my mouth(♫) instead of on The Carpet {yet again} but i needed to catch my god↕damn breath at some point-in-time so i reck'n he lost out on that opportunity now didn't he?)
and you know i am going to have to pay his ass back for This, suffice to say: me giving him The Pearl Necklace when it was My Turn just wasn't enough..

..´next time, i might have to leave him with a sore ass.
and a Gullet full of My Sticky Stuff.

(♫) (before you get any Ideas, i want to remind you that i am definitely a Spitter and not a Swallower; additionally, it is a seemingly-rare event when i allow someone to jizz in m` mouth, in the first place.)

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