Tuesday, January 22, 2008

these are a few of my [????] things.

Spontaneous Combustion: what apparently happens to someone when he tries to make an exit as if he were a Ninja

Old Timer's Disease: when you acquire Alzheimer's in the ghetto

Electronically-transmitted Diseases: your computer has Vaginosis ─ there are worms everywhere. :-\.

"Euripides: Eumenides!": one of the most gangster-Puns around

Trans Fats: :-\. an oft-misunderstood Lipid that just wants to live its life without having people make fun of It for wanting to dres──oh.


that's not what It is?

my bad.

Trans Fats: the primary reason that Food used to taste good

Homophones: that ain't cool, the fact that we got actual Parts of Speech discriminating agains──?



(i need to put that Tequila down, i think. . . . .)

Monotonous Relationship: a relationship where two people are sexually-exclusive only to each other

Viagra: spanish for allows Old Men to get and throw a bone..
..and contract Electronically-transmittable Diseases.


Beer Goggles: "the only means through which some people could ever get laid, i am afraid"


Dumb Ass: George W. Bush

"heron": ´not a Great Lake but, actually, a substance that you may snort or inject, intravenously, if you live in Baltimore City

The Jungle: how you may, correctly, describe the pubic hair of an average_Heterosexual-identified [Gentleman]'s

beautiful faces are a dime a dozen; a beautiful mind is but one in a million: something that just Came To Me, earlier this afternoon...

Wal-Mart: french for, a great place to get your Lead Paint fix, all while supporting Gay Discrimination, Worker Abuse, and Monopolization/Small Business-screwing

Targèt: french for, a great place to buy some Timberlake Boots and Nikó Tennis!

the Salt Mines: another name that may be given for a heterosexually-identified_male's Private Parts.


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