Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Opinions of Rex. (e.4)

all of the starving fuckers that there are, all around the world(♫)..

..yet, how often do Americans waste food anyway?

it is extra-disturbing, for me, to see that shit happen on Tee↕Vee, where people surruptitiously fuck-over all sorts of viable food↕stuffs ... and i really wish They would do away with that Sports Tradition of dunking [Gatorade™] on people as their means of Celebrating A Victory.

That Ain't Cool.

this, not to even mention how much perfectly good food [that Homeless People wouldn't mind having some of, if persons with Stable Domiciles wouldn't necessarily be inclined to ingest That] routinely gets tossed by Hotels, Grocery Stores, etc.


(and the Anorexians who, if they really feel so_fuckin'_bad about eating Shit, should just let themselves starve, or, just relegate themselves to eating Bread ─ ´let the rest of the people who ain't got that Psychosis have at the food that They would merely puke-up {for recreation} later, anyway.)

to know that all of This goes on while simultaneously being aware that I, more or less, am powerless to stop Its perpetuation bothers me, a little bit.

(♫) (´not to mention right here in our own Country...)

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