Monday, September 22, 2008

Subject Synopsis:

i want to remind you not to confuse any inability you might have in apprehending what i put down here as my inability to write properly


indeed, Mother, dearest did "commandeer" my thesaurus; i cannot say i am entirely happy about it.

i didn't know that my living with her meant, somehow, i automatically lost my right to keep my shit (because she has "commandeered" other things of mines, as well), as well as my privacy.

it's not as if i'm staying here for free; and, verily, i had been giving up extra monies besides whatever was due for Rent, Utilities, and Phone..
..and it wasn't Chump Change either.

(that besides a sizable-percentage of my Earned Income Tax Credit.)


well, i'll do something about This, one way or another.


son of a bitch: why does my shit keep getting ruptured??


my current air mattress was inflated for barely a week before springing a leak!

the second-to-last managed to hang on for 3 months, before a pin-sized hole developed in it; the third-to-last, i believe 6 months.

´da fuck is up?!


now i am definitely going to be forced to buy a real bed; but i don't want shit that will have my already vulnerable back fucked-up even further...


i love my Tasty↕Kake Krimpets®; this spice-cake_one is quite the Taste Treat©, too.

but i had been yearning for a frosting-free version of this particular dessert-line, though — believe it or not, "reduced sugar" (and, by extension, reduced sodium) has, lately, been sounding like a much more attractive alternative to many of these food↕stuffs out here.


i am still having a problem claiming my muther↕fucking refund — i speculate i was picked for auditing not for anything *i* did, but precisely because the Government Coffer was already overextended from its fooling with the fucking "war" in iraq (amongst other fiscal unscruples) and so were trying their best to find any old excuse not to pay-the-fuck-up what they owe me and, presumably, thousands of others.

in my case, it's just little Nit↕Pick Shit which the tax examiner has been going after — i was never definitively told,

no, Rex — fuck you: you can't claim shit because we know for a fact that [. . . . .]

. . . . .it's been,

oh, well: you need to submit this document and that document, which I actually did not tell you you needed to give me, before: i see where you were going when you gave me this to mull over..
..but it doesn't quite satisfy the Arbitrary Restriction which i had put in place for you to overcome.


most of the reason you hadn't read me complain about this more is, i had the Fore↕Sight & Restraint not to go buy shit in anticipation of monies i did not yet have placed into my bank account; don't get me wrong: i definitely have had Plans since late last year..

..but, what good is placing myself into further debt for stuff that can continue to wait?

relatively-speaking, i had been "going without" for a long time; since i am used to not having all the shit i want, i am more able to bide my time.


i'd get behind eddie griffin more if he'd just lay off this homophobic crap (his fights is with Whites, not with the guys who mostly don't even like him "like that" anyway, and their female counterparts)


i'd masturbate more if i had the option of ejaculating fluid which, say, evapourates completely upon contact with air; for, otherwise, i just hate dealing with The Resulting Mess: you do know that any semen which remains in the urethra after all ejaculatory pulsings have completed will eventually leak from out of your penis, and onto whatever you have over your Private Area at that time, right?


once again, activities of the wealthy (or, more important, those who were aspiring to be Wealthy) impact the wallets of the struggling — yet these rich (and wanna-be rich) bastards get to receive a profound form of Welfare while the rest continue to get that proverbial poke-in-eye


i too think obama really should have picked hillary to be his vice-president — even if they would have started out hating each other (more because Society told them they should, than for any actual personal reasons), i do feel they might have had a strong psychological chemistry, from which they could have bounced all sorts of ideas from off each other ── they could even have had a three-way with bill, eventually



alternatively, i hope that The Women of the United States know better than to back mr. McCain just because he has Sarah — y'all needn't be voting with your hearts but with your Heads ── as i seem to recall, the core values of the current iteration of Republicanism mostly aren't pro-woman..'s a Double Whammy for the ladies because most republicans also are conservative: an ideology-set that can be misogynistic, as well


why do they say "suspects" when it is known that a crime was definitely committed they really should start saying "{the police are looking for the }perpetrators," In The News


i should like to think that any given terrorist needn't take to the sky to kill Quantities of People: he needs only find a couple or a few compatriots to equip some high-combustion explosives onto; walk into any given Air↕Port Terminal; **ka-pow**; to accomplish the same amount of bedlam.

for, i do not believe that there is vigour'us screening for one to enter an Air↕Port Terminal Area..
..which, itself, is very unfortunate.

it seems so obvious to try nipping the problem at its bud..
..but no one's set up any Preëmptive Measures to counteract such mischief


i've heard it said that we americans are not too keen on using Diesel because of our perceptions of it; i've also heard it said that due to advancements in engineering, most of those perceptions are basically null, now.

i've heard it said there is a vehicle which, at its optimum, can get around 65 miles-per-gallon_of_gas_available using the latest incarnation of Diesel Fuel; i've also heard it said It won't be getting sold in america because.. ..our people are dumb asses.


incidentally, if the government, say, forced you to use that fuel, then you'd just have to get over your prejudices & fears, now won't you-all?

you'd be amazed, then, at all the other Arbitrary Requirements & Restrictions that our presiding body has in place..

..that which we should be compelled into practicing, we're not.


if what i've heard about Clean Diesel is true..
..then there should have been wide-spread utilization of that a long time ago.

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