Monday, September 1, 2008

the original Art of Fighting.


this is a disease which you do not want.

this is a disease which you might assume certain prominent representatives of the "rock-and-roll"/"Heavy Metal" genre carry, by default: that if they don't have It, then they would otherwise be ostracized by their peers.




i suppose there has to be A Balance, huh?

i mean.. is very okay to feel Sexual Attraction for peoples not of your own ethnicity (or.. ..race.....)...
...but, in order to continue being able to experience such feelings, and enjoy such a variety of Flesh, then, perhaps, it would be in our best interests to ..... not mingle too freely.

(obviously, gays can keep on Fucking & Sucking whoever they like.


what bothers me is, it appears to be a very fine, blurry line between "having a mere interest in {the} preserving {of what} Ethnic Purity {there is which is left}" and Xenophobism.

i'm not sure, exactly, what this world might look like, Today, if [procreation] had not inhibited by:

• the thoughts of "what might people think?"

• lack of Resources and Opportunity


_\↕/_ _\↕/_

for the record, i want to remind you guys that white people are no more native to {what eventually became known as <the "United" States of>} America than the black people they eventually brought over with them, way back in 1620; so, the title "african-american" is not applicable to the black people who

• have roots in this country established from the beginning of The Black Betrayal/Enslavement, up to 1933


• have at least 4th-degree grandparents established here.

(certainly, any accents or dialects or other overt-Continental African Features & Characteristics may not be present.)

the blacks who do not fall under that category may be deemed "african-american," since they were actual africans who have since made their home in [america], or are descendants thereöf; those, born of Them, here, after four- or five-degrees of nascentivity can probably lose that title, and become known as just a "regular black person".


the same dogma might be applied to whites, of course: nothing is so special about them where they can't be deemed "european-american" if blacks, and all the others who, basically, have been here are compelled to get -american affixed to their ethnicity/country-of-origin.


(you see how complicated this can easily become.)

but you're able to understand what i'm getting at, yes?



another meaningless thing: trying to solicit donations in neighbourhoods from people who obviously don't have monies to give.

this is an unnecessary, self-esteem_destroying burden: for both the person who's trying to procure the capital, and for the people who ... believe, somehow, they might, "one day," "be blessed to make it out of [the shit↕hole]" they're in if ... they just "sacrifice," but aren't really in a good position to do so.

why do they still compel Inner City Students to participate in fund↕raisers, for example? how many of these [mothers] on whose doors they knock barely have a dollar to give?
how safe is it for these children to even go traipsing around in their respective neighbourhoods in the first place?

fuck that shit: go send the grownups to Where The Money Is: i know for a fact they will have more than enough to spare..
..unnecessary-Extravagance being {an extension of} one of the other Deadly Sins, if i remember It, correctly.


it really is meaningless: if you have a house↕hold of 4, and y'all combined Annual Earnings don't total more than $43,772, then save your money for yourselves.

your Charitable Cause is ensuring you-all don't be going nights, needlessly hungry..
..ensuring you have clothes that aren't all fucking tattered, and what↕not:

it's also been said Charity, merely, starts at home.


(for, if you're going to work all hungry, and shit, then you won't have the energy to be as productive as is possible — and no boss will want to promote someone who appears to be a Slack Ass.

{no matter the extenuating circumstances which, by the very nature of this society, are almost always Out Of Your Hands.}

so... won't be able to begin earning enough money so that you might, eventually, start bestowing it to.. ..the Less Fortunate.)


unfortunately, i'm only in a position to raise more questions, and point out [what i perceive are Problems], than provide actual answers:

many of you would like to protest otherwise, but, yeah, it's true: inequality is innate, with humans.

and it all starts with the abilities, propensities, and affinities we naturally evince(♫), without any especial coaxing.

(you can't make us sprout wings and take flight, can you?

and no matter how hard you try, that ain't never happenin'; however, it might be much harder to determine who can be the next top Space Engineer, or the next pioneer of Nutritional Science.)

(many of you would also like denying this, but, yeah: it seems almost natural that we place value on humans based on the potential use {and realized output} they might have for us — in other words, most of us are innately Utilitarianistic by nature.

there is nothing wrong with that: we need each other.


prestige will be awarded to the individuals who are able to stake the most impact on others, short- and long-term, consistently — after that, will be the individuals who toil in the background, to ensure that the major players are able to do their thing, without hiccup; i suppose, then, they have a sort of symbiotic relationship going, huh?

only, for some reason, these Players seem to consistently forget the other people who, by necessity, butters their bread...
...which is why the whole Capitalist System is fatally-flawed: the basic tenets of communism might well be what's right for Humanity...
...except, of course, for one problem: Humans.


people, too egotistical to acknowledge when they, or other Persons of Interest, have their own Mental Malfunctions and Psychoses...

...people, not able, always, to auto-diagnose as such:

i probably should have been adorned with prescription glasses from the start; but i did not acquire a pair until half-way into my fresh↕man-fucking-year of high school.

how much of an impact had that circumstance had on my development?


there's really too much garbage in this world.

as in actual junk: i think of Bangledesh, certain areas of Mexico, and all other standard-Third World Nations, principally(♫).


i hadn't been in support of tax-funded expeditions into Space, before..
..but, now, for this, i certainly wouldn't mind shelling out a coupla hundred dollars a year, to discover a viable place to dump all that shit.

unused planet?
black hole?

ship it somewhere: we certainly can't incinerate all our debris, indefinitely; Mother Nature had, long ago, already told us what she thinks about that idea.

(♫) (a 6.85-hit Slaughtering Rhyme-combo: +109,888 Kudos-bonus points; +6 Style Points)
(♫) ("Third World Nation".

what a lovely euphemism for "fucked-up rinky-dink country," right?)

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